Online Poker Acronyms by Subject

All of the online poker rooms have a chat feature.  Many players use acronyms in chat to minimize their typing.  The talk in poker forums contains acronyms too.  Common acronyms are shown here, arranged by subject.  See also:  Online Poker Acronyms - arranged alphabetically.

General Acronyms

  • B&M  Brick and mortar, referring to casinos and cardrooms
  • SD  Showdown
  • CR  Check raise
  • HH  Hand history
  • HU  Heads-up
  • LRR  Limp reraise
  • NLD  Nice laydown
  • PF  Pre-flop
  • PFR  Pre-flop raise
  • POF  Post-flop

Hand Strength

  • PP  Pocket pair
  • TPTK  Top pair, top kicker
  • TPGK  Top pair, good kicker
  • TPLK  Top pair, low kicker
  • TPWK  Top pair, weak kicker
  • TPBK  Top pair, bad kicker
  • OC  Overcard, a card higher than any on the board
  • BD  Backdoor, a straight or flush made with the last 2 cards
  • BDSD  Backdoor straight draw
  • BDFD  Backdoor flush draw
  • MHIG  My hand is good
  • MHING  My hand is not good
  • OESD  Open-end straight draw
  • SFD  Straight flush draw
  • OESFD  Open-end straight flush draw
  • o  Off-suit
  • s  Suited
  • UI  Unimproved
  • WA  Way ahead
  • WB  Way behind


  • SB  small blind; also small bet in Limit poker
  • BB  big blind; also big bet in Limit poker
  • UTG  under the gun (first position after the big blind)
  • UTG+1  position to the left of UTG
  • EP  early position (generally, first 3 positions after the BB at a 10-table)
  • MP  middle position (generally, next 3 position)
  • LP  late position
  • CO  cutoff, position one off the button (late position, LP)
  • OTB+1  cutoff
  • OTB  on the button (late position, LP)
  • OOP out of position


  • T  Tight
  • TAG/TA  Tight aggressive
  • TP  Tight passive
  • L  Loose
  • LAG  Loose aggressive
  • LAP  Loose aggressive preflop
  • SL  Semi-loose
  • P  Passive
  • LPP  Loose passive preflop
  • A  Aggressive
  • SLAP  Semi-loose aggressive preflop
  • Donk  Donkey, fish, bad player


  • MTT  Multi-table tournament
  • SNG  Sit-and-go tournament
  • STT  Single-table tournament
  • ITM  In the money
  • MIS  Move-in specialist
  • MTing  Multi-tabling
  • S&G  Stop and go
  • SS  Short stack


  • AF  aggression factor
  • BB/100 Hands  big blinds or big bets per 100 hands; a big bet is 2X the big blind
  • BR  bankroll
  • EV  expected value
  • FRB  folded to river bet
  • HR  hourly rate
  • PT  PokerTracker
  • ROI  return on investment
  • ROR  risk of ruin
  • SD  standard deviation
  • VP$IP  Voluntarily put money into pot
  • WR  Win rate
  • WSD  went to showdown
  • W$SD  Won money at showdown

Books and Authors

  • DS  David Sklansky
  • FTOP  Fundamental Theorem of Poker; not a book but main concept in Sklansky's Theory of Poker
  • HEPFAP  Hold Em Poker For Advanced Players, by Sklansky
  • PPLTP  Play Poker Like the Pros, by Phil Hellmuth
  • S&M  Sklansky & Malmuth
  • SSHE  Small Stakes Hold 'em, by Miller, Sklansky, Malmuth
  • SS, SS2  Super Systems, by Brunson
  • TOP  Theory of Poker, by Sklansky
  • WLLHE  Winning Low Limit Hold 'em, by Lee Jones


  • CR
  • CP  CardPlayer (magazine or web site)
  • RGP, a forum
  • 2+2  Two Plus Two, a forum
  • RPT


  • HE  Texas Holdem
  • LHE  Limit Texas Holdem
  • NLHE  No-limit Texas Holdem
  • OM8  Omaha Hilow 8 or better
  • O8B  Omaha Hilow 8 or better
  • PLO  Pot-limit Omaha
  • 7CS  7 Card Stud
  • 7HL  7 Card Stud Hilow 8 or better
  • 2-7  Triple draw deuce-to-seven
  • A-5  Triple draw ace-to-five

General Small Talk

  • BRB  Be right back
  • BS  Bulls***
  • BTDT  Been there, done that
  • BTW  By the way
  • C/C  Comments and criticism
  • FAQ  Frequently asked questions
  • FWIW  For what it's worth
  • FYI  For your information
  • GFY  Good for you
  • GFY  Go f*** yourself
  • GL  Good Luck
  • HTH  Hope this helps
  • IMHO  In my humble opinion
  • IMNSHO  In my not so humble opinion
  • IMO  In my opinion
  • IOW  In other words
  • LOL  Laughing out loud
  • LMAO  Laughing my a** off
  • NG  Newsgroup
  • OTOH  On the other hand
  • ROFL  Rolling on floor, laughing
  • WTF  What the f***
  • WDYD  What do you do
  • WDYT  What do you think
  • YMMV  Your mileage may vary

Online Poker Sites

  • PP  Party Poker
  • PS  PokerStars
  • RVP  Royal Vegas Poker
  • UB  Ultimate Bet
  • AP  Absolute Poker
  • FTP  Full Tilt Poker

Poker on TV

  • CPS  Celebrity Poker Showdown
  • PPT  Professional Poker Tour
  • WPT  World Poker Tour
  • WSOP  World Series of Poker

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