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Sign-up Bonus20%
Max Bonus$100.00
LocationCosta Rica
Web SitePoker Room
U.S. PlayersNot allowed


Game Variety6
Cash Game Traffic8
Tournament Structure9
Tournament Traffic8
Rake Amount4
Sign-up Bonus7
Player Bonuses4
Cash In/Out8
Average Rating6.92


  • Many good promotions
  • Attractive table graphics
  • Set up private tables and tournaments
  • Good player traffic


  • Play can be slightly slow
  • Short-handed games seat 5 instead of 6
  • Hand histories are on the web
Visit Poker RoomSummary - Avg. 6.92  What attracts most players to PokerRoom is an abundance of good tournaments and promotions. There are many big-prize tournaments with lots of satellites and qualifiers for live casino events. Competition is moderate. You can set up private tournaments and private cash games. The software and the back-end servers are stable now. Tables have attractive graphics but informational print is too small for quick, easy reading. The web site has a lot of support information, including a "school" for beginners, but the email support could be quicker. Typical player traffic of 15,000 players and up puts PokerRoom among the top sites.
Visit Poker RoomSoftware - 6  PokerRoom's software is good but not great. In the lobby, you can see information about only one table at a time. There is no waiting list for the next available table: you have to join the waiting list for each table individually. When your chosen table is available, it opens without giving you the chance to accept or cancel: thus, if you joined several waiting lists, you will have tables opening over your active table(s) without warning. You can have 4 tables open for play. The table graphics are attractive but the information on screen, such as the amount of the bet to you, is much too small. You have to peer closely to see that you are betting $25 and not $250. The software deals about 10%-15% fewer hands per hour than other sites: this suits some players. The hand history is available only on the web, not in the software, and it is slow and awkward to use during play. Hand histories saved to your computer are in a database, not text files, and they do not include mucked hands. Note-taking, chat options, and statistics are good.
Competition - 7  The competition on full cash tables is moderate, with typically 30% to 36% of players seeing the flop. Many players here like to go all in improperly. The competition on short-handed cash tables is looser but the 5-seat structure helps the weak players to play closer to optimum accidentally. Tournament competition in lower buy-ins is just average, but somewhat higher than average in the higher buy-ins, $100 and up. Because PokerRoom has many European players, there are many off-work casual players in the American daytime.
Game Variety - 6  The games are Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha HiLow, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud HiLow, and 5 Card Draw. The tables seat 10 players or 5. There are no 9-seat tables for no limit, and no 6-seat tables for short-handed games. There are heads-up tables for cash games.
Cash Game Traffic - 8  The cash game traffic in peak hours is 2,500 to 3,500 players.
Tournament Structure - 9  The multi-table tournament structures are some of the best online. Tournaments with buy-ins under $50 have $1,500 in starting chips and 12-minute intervals. The $50 to $300 buy-ins start with $2,500 in chips and have 15-minute levels. The "Aces" tournaments have 20-minute levels and $5,000 in starting chips. Sit-&-go tournaments of $30 buy-in or less have $1,500 starting chips and 8-minute levels. Larger buy-ins have $2,000 starting chips and 10-minute levels. Multi-table tournaments set maximums on the number of entrants.
Tournament Traffic - 8  Tournament traffic in peak hours is 9,000 to 14,000 players. Sit-&-go tournaments fill at a moderate pace.
Rake Amount - 4  Instead of a simple 5% rake, PokerRoom has a rake formula based on the limit structure (fixed, NL, or PL), the number of players, and the number of big blinds in the pot. The good news about the formula is that there is still a maximum rake of $3 and a no-flop-no-drop policy. The bad news is that the rake on small pots can be as high as 10%. The fees on multi-table tournaments with $50 buy-ins or higher are a little less than usual, for example, $4 on a $50 buy-in, $8 on a $100.
Sign-up Bonus - 7  The sign-up bonus is usually 20% up to $100, but at times, the sign-up bonus is 40% up to $200.
Player Bonuses - 4  PokerRoom awards Player Points for every raked hand you play. You can trade the points for cash or use them to buy into Player Points Freerolls and some cash-buy-in tournaments. PokerRoom has occasional reload bonuses of 20% up to $200.
Promotions - 9  PokerRoom offers many promotions, especially for tournament players. It has qualifiers to the World Series of Poker, the World Poker Tour, and other live events. The Grand Series of Poker is a week of $500 buy-in tournaments with a $1,000 buy-in, $1,000,000 guaranteed final. PokerRoom has frequent guaranteed tournaments, as well as leaderboard prizes, team leagues, and freerolls. You can usually find seasonal or monthly specials too.
Support - 7  The only support is by email. It is slow at times. Fortunately, the Frequently Asked Questions on the web site answer most questions for newcomers.
Cash In/Out - 8  Deposit via Neteller, Click2Pay, Firepay, Visa, Mastercard, ePassporte, Moneybookers, 900Pay, eWallet XPress, Prepaid ATM, and Cash Transfer. Withdraw via Neteller, Firepay, ePassporte, eWallet XPress, Prepaid ATM, Moneybookers, check by mail, check by courier.

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